Walking Aimlessly?

We’re halfway through our busy season and I feel pooped. That got me to wonder how far do I walk in a day. Now, we don’t have a smartphone (gasp!) nor a Fitbit, but we do have an old fashioned pedometer that counts your steps. Now, this pedometer isn’t analog but digital, so you can input your stride length and it will calculate your distance traveled…cool.

So, I started my journey, so to speak on August 1 and planned to record a week’s worth of data. Day 1 I did 25,000 steps or 12.5 kms! We walked the dog at Young’s Point in the morning and cleaned a cottage. Over the next week we had a mixed cleaning schedule. Some days we cleaned one cottage, another day we cleaned 3 cottages, and with one day no cottages to clean. The weather was also a mixed bag, with sunny days and then afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Yesterday was my last day of data. So for the week, drum roll please, I logged 182,500 steps or 91.25 kms. That’s 54.75 miles for those using the Imperial system of measurement. The most steps logged was when we cleaned 3 cottages in a day, 29,070 steps or 14.53 kms. The least was 23,900 steps or 11.95 kms, a day with no cottages to clean and thunderstorms in the afternoon. An average of just over 13 kms, 7.8 miles or 26,000 steps per day. No wonder I feel pooped!

Now for my next question, where do all the teaspoons go! We stocked the cottages with new cutlery a couple of years ago and every cottage is missing at least one teaspoon. Where did they go?