Why own a cottage resort business?!

Since Steve and I acquired Lake Edge Cottages, we have been asked on several occasions, “Why”? It’s not the kind of thing you wake up in the morning and say, “Let’s run a cottage resort business!”

What you need to know about the Wildfong family is that we enjoy exploring and being outdoors. We spent the last 17 summers travelling throughout North America in a 10 foot box pop up trailer. We started out with 4 of us and then Jakob came along in 2003. That was fine when the kids were half the size they are now but now they are all grown up and take up much more space. With Stephanie and Tyler away at University, or on a work term, it became more difficult to coordinate family vacations.

Along came Lake Edge Cottages. What a great way to continue with being outdoors in the summer…..with a little more space to do so, and a nice bed and indoor plumbing as a bonus.

There are also some key pros to working at the resort as well:

  • short commute time
  • you are your own boss
  • the dress code is a little more relaxed
  • meeting new and interesting guests every week

We look forward to meeting all our new and returning guests and look forward to sharing the great outdoors with all of you. We welcome any feedback or suggestions that you may have for us as we want to ensure that you have a relaxing and enjoyable stay with us.