Covid Updates for 2022 Season

Welcome to Lake Edge Cottages!!

Although Ontario has lifted most Covid restrictions on March 21st, 2022, including the
mandate of wearing of masks while indoors – the virus continues to remain active
throughout our community.

We will respect Lake Edge guests’ choice as to whether or not they wear a mask – it’s
your choice during your stay with us, whether indoors or outdoors. As some guests are
more comfortable wearing masks, Lake Edge staff will continue to wear masks while
inside of our office/library room when guests are present.

Covid restrictions have been lifted for our pool and firepit areas, regarding sign in sheets,
and person limits. We will continue to monitor these areas to ensure they are not

Your cottage rooms will continue to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected as you would
expect during any stay you have with us.

If you’re feeling sick, have a temperature, sore throat, or feel you may have been in
contact with a person who has COVID-19, please take our local health unit’s Self
Assessment Tool, and follow their recommendations.

Enjoy your stay at Lake Edge Cottages!!