What is Project Sun Dog?


It all started over a friendly weekend conversation with a childhood friend last November when I brought up the topic of our concern over climate change. My friend was also concerned, but then with a look of despair, said “So what can you or I do about it?” It was the perfect question to ask, and there was no immediate answer. But it was an important question that deserved an answer.

So, with the slower flow of off-season traffic at the resort, Anne and I attended a meeting with Green Economy Peterborough (GEP)  where they discussed measuring our current consumption of gas, propane, and hydro. Through this exercise, we learned that we are consuming ~50,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) annually. Mostly during the summer months.

Later, we contacted green energy firms to help us understand the costs of converting to solar energy. (HINT – It ain’t cheap, but a worthwhile exercise to consider if you are thinking long-term benefits.)

Then came FedDev Ontario, who were offering funding for new innovative growth initiatives for Ontario Tourism related businesses. So we applied, and were fortunate to (later) be selected as 1 of 33 recipients in our region, which we are grateful for.

And, so our journey towards a greener future began to emerge.

Coming back to my friend’s question: “What can you or I do about it?”, I realized that there is a small role we can play in making our tiny piece of the world a better place to live. And, while there are no guarantees in life, I take comfort in knowing that we’re doing our part for ourselves, and those who come later.

Our next update will cover the project scope – stay tuned…