It’s all about the Base !!

Much has happened since my last update, and I don’t want to simplify the complexity involved in getting to the current ‘Sun Dog’ framing stage. Note to self – plan extra weeks when putting up a new structure.

Everything being constructed underground is far more complicated and painstakingly longer to deal with as compared to that above ground. The primary risk for project Sun Dog project, was getting the foundation poured during favourable weather conditions, and we were very fortunate this November (with the previous delays) to have had mild weather on our side.

However, following the day of our pour, the temperature fell to -5 Celsius overnight. Yikes – didn’t get much sleep that night, as temperature plays a huge role in enabling the concrete to set properly. In fact, my resources worked for 20 hours that day from 8am to 4am the next day, as they spent the night hours planing the newly formed concrete surface, which is critical before it dries. It was a long night, but would be another long day ahead, as the team returned 4 hours later (at 8am) only to discover that part of the concrete slab did not dry properly. After some deliberation among the team, an appropriate masonry (Type A) slurry was prepared, and the entire 1600 square feet of concrete was resurfaced and re-planed to remedy the situation. Fortunately, the hearts and minds of my team prevailed that morning, as well as the blessed sun, which fostered another mild day at Lake Edge. By noon that day, the resurfaced concrete had dried beautifully, and the team was well rewarded for their persistence, and outstanding effort.

The Base


Needless to say, we are now into the framing stage of the new building. Trenching and installation for the new cables to all three buildings is now complete, which will enable us to direct any unused solar energy that is harvested back onto Hydro One’s grid. Referred to as ‘net-metering’, Lake Edge will not be storing electricity on-site. Instead, we will leverage Hydro One’s grid for any overage that is produced, while receiving credits that will be applied to our future monthly utility bills, during cooler months, when the sun’s rays are less direct. So essentially, the amount of solar energy that we will produce, was engineered to meet 110% of our current hydro demand. Measured annually, any excess that is produced, will spawn new green initiatives at Lake Edge, such as reducing our dependence on propane heating.

Next month, 95% of our project will be completed – less the installation of the new doors for Sun Dog, and Hydro One’s final circuit testing.

Roof and Walls going up