Sun Dog and Solar project Spring into Action!


It seemed like a long winter, as the new walkthrough and garage doors for Sun Dog didn’t arrive until early April. However, solar testing continued throughout the winter. Our solar array officially went live on January 21st, 2023, and passed final performance testing on April 9th. (Yeah!)

Solar Panels Drone view

(Drone picture taken by Generation Solar on April 9, 2023)

With shorter winter days and snow-covered roofs, harvesting solar energy was far more challenging in the winter months, as expected.

Today, we are collecting more solar energy than we are using at Lake Edge, as the excess is passed back to the hydro grid for others to use. This excess production will be credited back on our future Hydro One invoices when needed (i.e., next fall/winter).

Here is a screen print of our daily Solar production dashboard to see how we are performing:

It’s raining today, so our utilization is low. However, we still continue to harvest solar energy.
This web-based monitoring tool will also help us understand the ongoing beneficial impact on our environment, and if there are any production issues with the solar panels themselves, so that we can remediate if necessary.

In summary, we’re now living off the land with healthy well water and natural sunshine, which is powering every electrical outlet on the property, while also giving back to the environment. With this foundation in place, we will continue to build towards our green objective of becoming a net zero business/resort. And remember, our EV charger, which was recently added, is currently complementary for all Lake Edge overnight clients to use.