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Boat Rental Rates / Pontoon Tour

Enjoy our lake or even the next one through the locks by cruising or fishing in one of our motorized boats.

We have two 14 ft 8 hp motor boats $65/half day, $100 full day, $400 for week

Our Pontoon boat, “Ruffin It” is  $160/day, $285 full day, $1350/week, valid boaters license and experience required.

Captained Pontoon ride by us, $30/person, minimum $120 approximately 1 hour tour. Maximum number of guests is 6, well behaved furry ones welcome at no additional cost.

All plus HST

Includes one full tank of gas and required safety equipment.

What are the Mosquitoes and Black Flies like?

Lucky for us we don’t get black flies at Lake Edge. You will never see them on the waterfront although you might see them on the walking trails in the forest for about one day in May. We do have mosquitoes every spring and summer but they are not out during the day as the breeze off the lake keeps them away. At dusk, the mosquitoes will come out for about one hour to feast. You can either stay inside for awhile or apply insect repellent and wear long sleeved shirts and pants (always recommended) to the bonfire. If we have a dry, hot summer, the mosquitoes can disappear by August.

Are there restaurants and grocery stores nearby?

Yes! We are only 5 minutes drive to the Village of Lakefield which has a Foodland open 24 hours, Flannigan’s Butcher Shop, The Market for gourmet foods, fruit, vegetables, baked goods, organic meat and ready-made meals, The Lakefield Pantry for spices, bulk foods and baked goods, Liquor Store, Beer Store, 2 Drug Stores and an outdoor Farmer’s Market every Thursday during the summer. There are also many restaurants and fast food take-out shops in Lakefield, everything from Pizza Hut & Tim Horton’s to finer dining and outdoor patios.

In Young’s Point, a 1 minute drive, you can shop the General Store for miscellaneous snacks, beer and liquor. There are also 2 restaurants to choose from there,  Lock & Anchor Eatery and Lock 27 Tap and Grill (formerly Patio 27) at Islandview Resort.

Downtown Peterborough is only a short 15 minute drive away with a wide variety of restaurants and shops.

Is there internet access in the cottages or suite?

Yes. The entire property features free wireless high speed internet access.

Do we need to change money before or upon arrival?

We would recommend changing your own currency to Canadian dollars before you leave or at the currency exchange at the border or at the airport. Exchange enough for incidentals or bring travellers cheques in CAN$. Travellers cheques and major credit cards are widely accepted. Please note that some credit card companies are now charging a fee every time they convert from one currency to another. To avoid this additional charge you may wish to bring travellers cheques in US$ and convert them at a bank here or purchase travellers cheques in CAN$. The banks in Lakefield are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Banks in Peterborough are open Saturday until early afternoon. All banks are closed Sundays and major holidays.

Do we need adaptors or transformers for our electrical devices?

Not if you are from the USA or Canada. All electrical outlets are 110VAC, 60 cycles. If you’re from the UK and other parts of Europe bring your adaptor.

Do we require a passport to enter Canada?

All foreign visitors to Canada must have a valid passport to enter Canada and to return to your home country.

Do you have gift certificates?

Yes, you can purchase a gift certificate in any denomination or for a completely paid getaway.

Do you have laundry service on-site?

No, but you can wash your clothes at the Laundromat in Lakefield, just 5 minutes drive south or you can leave your laundry with them and they will wash, dry and fold your clothes for you while you shop or visit area attractions. We have an iron and ironing board available.

Do I need a fishing license?

If you plan on fishing for possession or live release, you do require a fishing license. The only exception is for residents of Canada who are under 18 years of age or 65 years of age or older, and who are in possession of their Birth Certificate. We do not sell fishing licenses at Lake Edge but you can purchase one from the Home Hardware in Lakefield.

Canadian Residents require an Outdoors Card with the appropriate Fishing License Tag attached. A license is available for one or three-year periods. You may also purchase a one-day fishing license.

Non-Residents require a fishing license. Non-residents under 18 years of age may fish without a license if accompanied by an adult who has a valid Ontario fishing license. Any fish caught are part of the catch and possession limit of the adult who holds the license. Another option, non-residents under 18 years may purchase a license and any fish caught apply to the catch and possession limits of that license. Non-residents 65 years of age or older are not exempt from licensing. Non-Residents can purchase a license valid for 7 days or one year.

When is the fishing season open at Lake Edge?

The fishing season varies by species.  Details can be found in the Ontario Fishing Regulations

Walleye: 2nd Saturday in May to Nov. 15
Large and Smallmouth Bass: Third Saturday in June to Dec. 15
Muskellunge: 1st Saturday in June to Dec. 15
Yellow Perch & Crappie: Open all year
Carp: Open all year

How’s the Swimming?

We wouldn’t be here if we couldn’t go swimming. The bottom near shore is sand and gravel and shallow enough for children and dogs to safely get wet without swimming. As you go out into the deeper water it does get rockier so we recommend wearing surf socks or water shoes to ensure you have a firm footing. The average lake water temperatures in the summer months during the past couple of years has been:

Time Period Celsius Fahrenheit
Victoria Day Weekend/Memorial Day Weekend in May 15 C 60 F
Mid June 18 C 66 F
July 23 C 74 F
August 24 C 76 F
Labour Day Weekend September 21 C 70 F
Early October 16 C 62 F

Bear in mind that the air temperature can range anywhere from 21 C to 33 C or 70 F to 90 F or higher in the summer so a dip in the lake is most refreshing and we often pull the chairs right into the water to keep our feet cool.

Our 12 x 40 ft outdoor pool is kept heated at a temperature of about 80 F.

Can I travel across the Canada/U.S. Border with my dog?

Sure you can! Just make sure that you have his passport! Actually all you need is his dog tags and proof of his/her vaccinations for rabies, etc. which your Veterinarian can provide to you.

How can we be reached from home during our stay?

Anyone can reach you by calling your cell phone, by calling Lake Edge (705) 652-9080 or emailing

Do you have a restaurant at Lake Edge?

No. All accommodations have fully equipped kitchens and a gas BBQ. There are also 3 restaurants within walking distance and many more nearby for eat-in or take-out.

Do you have wine glasses and cork screws?

Of course!

Do you provide beach towels?

We ask our guests to bring their own beach towels for outside use. We do provide bath towels but they are for inside use only. We do have some extra beach towels for our guests who are restricted by how much they can pack by the airlines.

How far is the nearest hospital?

The nearest hospital is PRHC in Peterborough which is about 20 minutes away at regular speed. There is 911 emergency service and ambulance service here.

A VON Nurse Practitioner is available at The Morton Healthcare Centre in Lakefield on Wednesdays and Thursdays by appointment between 9 AM and 4 PM.  Call 705-651-4866 to make an appointment.

How far is the nearest Vet?

There is a local vet in Lakefield, Village Animal Hospital, that also provides on-call after-hours service 705-652-5267.

Do you have a swim area for dogs?

Our 4-legged guests are permitted to swim anywhere along our 450 ft. of shoreline. All we ask is that you respect other guests and move your pooch to another area if our 2-legged guests are not into swimming with your dog. Please visit our Policies under Accommodations for a look at our complete Pet Policy.

Do you have a pet-sitter?

Yes, as long as Jakob is on-site he enjoys siting/walking with your pet (for a fee), depending on your requirements.  Please let us know if you will require this service when booking your stay with us.

Do you have a play ground?

No. Besides swimming, children tend to focus on the boats, fishing, exploring the 12.5 acres, exploring the frog and turtle pond with a net, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs at the bonfire, playing board games and cards, reading and getting to know the other kids who might be staying at Lake Edge at the same time. A great outing that includes a play ground is the Riverside Zoo, in Peterborough, which is a great location for a picnic, a train ride and visiting the animals.

Lakefield also has a great skateboard park at Isabel Morris Park.

Do I require a boating license to operate the boats?

All operators of powered watercraft used for recreational purposes within Canada require the card as of September 15 2009. We highly recommend taking the exam on-line at

As of September 15, 2009 all boaters are required to have the Pleasure Craft Operator Card in order to operate a powered watercraft. There is no grandfather clause or age exemption – this law applies to all boaters. Powered watercraft includes watercraft fitted with any size motor — even an electric trolling motor. The fine is $250 for not having a card.

Currently, a Pleasure Craft Operator Card is not required in order to operate a rented watercraft. Instead, it is sufficient for a renter to complete a rental safety checklist. If you have not taken the boater exam, we will walk you through the rental safety checklist before you rent any of our motor boats.

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