Out for a paddle on Katchewanooka Lake with your dog

Katchewanooka Lake offers the paddler a quiet oasis with plenty of undeveloped shoreline and islands to circumnavigate. Usually calm, especially mornings and evenings when the chance to view wildlife is at its best. Nearby are many paddle routes within a 15 to 30 minute drive. We have trail guides for a self-guided tour. Lessons can also be arranged for those completely new to paddling. Lake Edge has complimentary canoes and sit-on kayaks on site.


Cooling off on a hot summer day with a dip in the pool

At Lake Edge you can swim from shore, dock or boat. The water is shallow near shore and suitable for both children and dogs unaccustomed to water. The bottom is sand and gravel near shore. The further you go out the rockier it gets so we recommend surf socks or water shoes for a sure footing. We have tubes for your floating pleasure. Further south on the lake is a popular sand bar (shallow with sandy bottom) that you can boat to for swimming, an on-board picnic and water Frisbee.

For those of you who prefer to swim in a pool, our 12 ft. x 40 ft pool is superb for cooling down on a hot day, swimming lengths or soaking up the sun in a lounger on the pool deck.


A successful day of fishing at Lake Edge Cottages for this boy, holding his fish

At Lake Edge you can fish from shore, dock or any of the boats. Perch are proliferate and for those willing to spend time fishing and waiting, Katchewanooka can offer up fine Walleye, Small and Large-Mouth Bass, Muskie and Carp.


At Lake Edge all of our accommodation rates include the use of the canoes, kayaks, paddleboats and rowboats. All safety equipment is included. Your dogs are of course, welcome to join you in all your boating adventures.

Boat & Motor Rentals

2 People on a pontoon boat getting ready for a cruise of Katchewanooka Lake

If you are interested in exploring Katchewanooka Lake in a speedier fashion, we have 14 ft. boats with 8 hp 4-stroke motors and a pontoon boat available for rent by the week, day or half day. Superb for fishing, trolling or taking a trip into Young’s Point or Lakefield for ice-cream cones, shopping or a trip to the sand bar for a picnic, water-frisbee and a swim.


Bring your bicycle and helmet and explore the many trails nearby or enjoy the less busy country roads that meander among the lakes and rolling countryside.  Hwy 28 and many other roads now have bicycle lanes.  Check out the various routes here.

Walking, Hiking Trails & Frog Pond

Walking your dog at Robert Johnston Eco Forest

On-site at Lake Edge you’ll find 12.5 acres of trails through forest and marshland. Great for a morning stroll, jog or the dog’s daily ritual. The on-site trail can give you a 15 to 20 minute leisurely stroll or longer if you stop to enjoy the birds, turtles, frogs, giant fossil-embedded rocks and wildflowers in summer and possibly wildlife sightings or at least tracks in winter. The frog & turtle pond will provide our younger guests with great fun especially with a net for catching the amphibian creatures.

Outdoor games of Bocce, Horseshoes, Badminton & Volleyball

At Lake Edge you can play badminton, volleyball, horseshoes or bocce under a sun-filled sky.


There is nothing better than relaxing around the bonfire, enjoying good company, humour, stories and if you’re lucky a song or two. At Lake Edge we provide the bonfire wood free of charge. You are welcome to start a roaring fire in the central bonfire pit as long as the weather permits and it’s not too windy. The young and old alike enjoy roasting marshmallows, hotdogs and making “smores”. If you like to cook on an open fire, you’re more than welcome too. The stars and planets twinkling on the horizon are the icing on the cake after a perfect day at Lake Edge.

Loungers, Hammocks and Kawartha Chairs/Sunbathing

Simply put, loungers and Kawartha Chairs are meant for lounging. Soak up the sun, rest in the shade under a canopy of leaves to read a book or enjoy a daytime snooze. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Bird & Wildlife Watching

A wild turkey sighted walking in the grass at Lake Edge Cottages

No matter what the season you’ll be entertained by the wildlife: chickadees, woodpeckers, great blue herons, ducks, loons, ospreys, bald eagles, grouse, wild turkeys, mink, beaver, muskrat, otters, frogs, turtles, snakes, fox, deer, rabbits, owls, butterflies and of course the dogs. Bring your binoculars and camera! We have reference books for identifying just about everything that might share your vacation with you.

Star Gazing

Full moon over Katchewanooka Lake in the winter

On a clear night the sky at Lake Edge is a star gazers dream. Enjoy spotting the constellations, shooting stars and the planets hanging low on the horizon. We keep our lights to a minimum in the evening not only to conserve energy but to insure that the stars and moon provide a vivid display.

Board Games

The best and most fun way to pass a rainy day or cozy winter day is to play a board game, cards, cribbage or chess. It’s a cottage tradition!

Reading Library

We have a library of books and magazines with a selection for everyone no matter what your age or interest. This is the most relaxing way to spend your vacation other than enjoying an afternoon siesta, reading is a must-do at the cottage.


Discover the shops of quaint villages and hunt for treasures at antique and flea markets.

Documents and Resources

Peach Schnapps Soup

Originally published in an old LCBO magazine I think. Great for summer when peaches are in season.